TAMU To Host ‘Power And Privilege,’ ‘Microagressions 101’ Workshops

TAMU To Host ‘Power And Privilege,’ ‘Microagressions 101’ Workshops

Texas A&M University’s Department of Multicultural Services, a division of Student Affairs, will host four new diversity trainings this semester to hold “conversation about topics related to diversity and culture.”

An email was sent to students Thursday which announced the new workshops put on by Aggies 2 Aggies (A2A) a “peer diversity education program” which “seeks to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion” within communities.

In the first training, “Cultural Appropriation 101,” held October 9 in the Richardson Building, participants will “gain a basic understanding of cultural appropriation through an interactive conversation.”

Another event offered on October 10 in the Emerging Technologies Building will be “Power and Privilege,” examining “how power and privilege operates in our society and its impact on daily interactions.”

“By understanding how one’s power & privilege works, participants will be able to identify  “how to create a more inclusive environment,” the description continues.

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The next training held on November 8 in the Agriculture and Life Sciences Building will be “Intent vs Impact,” which will look at “how verbal and non-verbal statements often made by well-intended individuals who are unaware of the hidden messages, can cause harm.”

The description adds that those who attend the training will “learn how to identify, understand, and interrupt microaggressions.”

The final diversity training on November 9 in the Student Center Reynolds Gallery will be “Understanding Cultural Differences,” which will address how “culture impacts the way we interact,” and will highlight “how culture can impact communication, conflict, and decision-making process.”

Notably, individuals can request workshops on the organization’s website, and may choose to present on “understanding culture and cultural differences,” “appreciation vs appropriation,” “power and privilege,” “understanding microaggressions,” or to customize their own workshop.

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