Taylor Swift surprises her biggest fan, a 96 year old World War 2 veteran for Christmas

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Taylor Swift made one fans dreams come true this Christmas. Cryus Porter, a 96 year old World War 2 veteran, says that he is Swift’s biggest fan. Porter wanted to see Swift perform one more time in his lifetime and Swift made his wish come true this Christmas season.


One local newspaper in Missouri reported on Porter’s fandom of Swift. When asked about his love of Swift’s music he stated that he is a World War 2 veteran who loves Swift’s music, laughing that the two usually do not coincide.¬†Porter says that he uses Swift’s music to connect to his almost 2 dozen grandchildren. Porter and his grandchildren have gone to seen Swift live in concert numerous times. He told the paper that he would love to see Taylor Swift in concert one more time as he enjoyed the other shows that he had been to so much.

“Yea I just enjoy it. I’m getting old. I’m just enjoying everything,” Porter stated.

Taylor Swift found out about her biggest fan and showed up to his Missouri home this past Monday. Swift performed an hour long private show for Porter and 60 of his family members. Swift sang all of her top hits during the show, as well as took selfies with Porter and his family. Porter’s family took to social media to post pictures and videos of the “Christmas miracle.”


Video from Twitter. Story originally from Ozarks First.

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