Tenured Professor Quits to Protest Kansas Campus Carry

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The University of Kansas will lose tenured professor Jacob Dorman in July after 10 years. The reason? Legalized campus carry in Kansas.

The history professor publicized his resignation letter in The Lawrence Journal-World last week. In it, he states that he is leaving Kansas to take a tenured position in a non-campus carry state.

“Kansas will never secure the future that it deserves if it weakens its institutions of higher learning by driving off faculty members or applicants who feel as I do that there is no place for firearms in classrooms,” he wrote. “Kansas can have great universities, or it can have concealed carry in classrooms, but it cannot have both.”


Dorman has stated that he thinks campus carry will be detrimental to schools because they will not be able to retain professors like himself. He also thinks that students who utilize campus carry will lack control. He thinks students will shoot first and ask questions second in classroom debates.

Dorman wrote:

“…we discuss sensitive and highly charged topics in my classroom… [students may not] express themselves respectfully and freely…about heated topics if they know that fellow students are armed and that a disagreement or argument could easily be lethal.”

PC: AP Photo/The Tulsa World, James Gibbard

Dorman also couldn’t resist criticizing the National Rifle Association (NRA) in his resignation letter:

“Let us not let the NRA destroy the future of the state of Kansas with a specious argument about the Second Amendment…”

NRA Spokesperson Catherine Mortenson spoke to Campus Reform:

“Threats to personal safety don’t disappear once you step on campus…Denying law-abiding gun owners their God-given right to self-protection on campus leaves them vulnerable to attack. It’s disappointing that a college professor would allow his anti-gun bias to get in the way of the facts.”

Two other KU professors, social welfare professor Alice Lieberman and English professor Maryemma Graham have also indicated that the new campus carry law may cause them to step down unless the university skirts the law’s requirements in some way.

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(H/T: Campus Reform)

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