Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 18 into Texas law on Monday in support of campus free speech for students of all ideologies across the state.

SB 18 states that universities cannot deny the approval of a student organization based on political ideology or religious viewpoints as founding or joining the organization would be an act of their individual self expression.

Additionally, other student groups who try to interfere with the First Amendment are subject to disciplinary action.

The bill provides time for universities to adjust their policies prior to August 1, 2020, according to Benjamin Fearnow from Newsweek.

Congressman Dan Crenshaw of Texas’s Second District applauded him for achieving legislation on behalf of students.

After recently making an appearance on FOX, Crenshaw claimed liberal groups only “seek to tear down everything this country was built on,” and he commended Abbott and his Republican colleagues for passing the Free Speech bill.

In a tweet, Crenshaw writes: “The First Amendment is under constant attack by those who shut down ideas they can’t contend with. The University is a place for students to grapple with new ideas and opinions, not be coddled. Good for Texas!”

 In the state of Texas – and the rest of the United States – conservative students are constantly battling for their ideology to be recognized through the formation of student groups.

One student group, Turning Point USA, has a particularly personal story in the state of Texas.

At Texas State University at San Marcos in April of this year, right-wing student organization Turning Point USA was kicked off campus on behalf of the university’s student government for allegedly creating a “hostile environment”.

Since Turning Point USA did not violate the university policies, the administration had no authority to remove the student group exercising their First Amendment right.

Campus free speech legislation is vital to student freedoms. Without additional support, the freedom of speech is less taken advantage of.

Through protecting different or uncommon ideas, it brings greater awareness to the student public to expand on concepts.

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