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Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R-GA) once again spoke about Texas State University’s attempt to ban TPUSA from their campus.

“I truly question if taxpayers should still fund schools like this. There’s no place in Texas for this. Our state universities better clean up their act”

He was referring to an incident in which the Texas State student government voted to ban the Texas State Turning Point USA chapter from their campus. According to the Dean of Students, the student officials do not have the authority to bar organizations from campus; the legislation was vetoed.

The vote, in light of President Donald Trump’s executive order protecting free speech on college campuses across the country, was extremely contentious.

Gov. Abbott’s response on April 11 was not the first time Abbott has voiced his opinion on the matter, however.

Abbott responded to the Texas State controversy earlier in April by telling Texans, “the Texas Senate just passed a bill mandating free speech on college campuses (this includes conservative speech) I look forward to signing it into law. But it’s crazy we have to pass a law to uphold the First Amendment.”

Turning Point USA has not been bared from the Texas State University campus and will continue fighting for and upholding the First Amendment.

Charlie Kirk, TPUSA’s founder and president, weighed in on the TSU incident as well.

“The left hates the idea that there are other ideas,” Kirk said. “It’s too bad that we as a country have not moved for a place where you’re allowed to hear another idea without wanting to shut it up or silence it.”

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