Texas High School Teacher Coerces Students To Complete Controversial Assignment

Texas High School Teacher Coerces Students To Complete Controversial Assignment

Teachers hold a lot of power over their students in the classroom, and sometimes that power is abused in order to indoctrinate. One teacher at Lake Dallas High School is being accused of acting discriminatorily after giving extra credit to students who received a flu vaccine.

The teacher, who at this point is unnamed, is a Pre-AP biology teacher. One mother first expressed concern at the coercive assignment when her son that attends Lake Dallas High School came home from school and told her that his Pre-AP bio teacher was given a “100 minor grade” to all students who received a flu vaccine.

Lake Dallas High School
PC: Lake Dallas ISD

At first the mother did not believe her son and assumed he’d heard about the assignment incorrectly, so she emailed the teacher in question for clarification. However, the email thread confirmed her son’s story.

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The student’s mother asked the teacher in an email stating, “My son is a student in your Pre-AP Biology class. He came home mentioning extra credit opportunities. Can you tell me what the options are please?”

The teacher replied, “I told the class that I would give them extra credit (100 on a ‘minor’ grade) if they get a flu vaccine. Other than that, there’s no extra credit this semester.”

PC: Sara Gonzalez/The Blaze

In an interview with The Blaze, the student’s mother stated that she “sat on it for three days in disbelief.” The student’s mother added that the handling of the situation made her feel as if they “weren’t allowed to be any different.”

She attempted to contact the school principal who “seemed reluctant” to discuss and resolve the issue. However, they finally reached a solution to the problem — shut down the extra credit.

Lake Dallas ISD public relations director Melaynee Broadstreet stated:

“This issue was brought to the attention of the campus administrators at the time (mid-September) and resolved within a few days. The option of the flu shot extra credit was removed and will not be used as extra credit in the future.”

Here’s the problem: the situation is not yet resolved. It seems that the teacher has not informed her students that the extra credit has not been pulled from the curriculum. One parent told The Blaze, “All these kids are getting vaccinated and they aren’t being told they won’t receive extra credit anymore.”

Receiving a flu vaccine is not mandatory for students attending Texas public schools. The state of Texas also offers vaccine exemptions to those who wish to opt out.

Do you think that this extra credit policy was a violation of privacy? Was it coercion? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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