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The Texas House of Representatives passed a free speech protection bill on Tuesday, April 30. This bill models what President Donald Trump addressed in his executive order mandating free speech on college campuses.

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Texas lawmakers’ version of a free speech bill, House Bill 2100, officially sent their version of a campus free speech bill to Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk.

Earlier this April, Republican state Rep. Briscoe Cain, told the Daily Texan that this bill would create a public forum in all outdoor areas of a public university in the state of Texas.

To Rep. Cain, House Bill 2100 is more comprehensive and effective than other free speech bills across the nation because it protects the speech for all employees and professors, not simply students.

Texas is not the first state to follow the President’s mandate. States such as Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Colorado, and Iowa have come before our largest southern state.

Texas, however, faced controversy when Texas State University introduced legislation through the Student Government Association that called to bar Turning Point USA from campus.

This prompted the Texas Governor to tweet, “the Texas Senate passed a bill upholding free speech on college campuses. I look forward to signing it into law.”

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This newly passed bill in Texas’ House will allow for complete civil discourse, ensuring that public universities continue to be places of marketable ideas and intellectual diversity. No more can speakers or organizations be banned on campus.

According to a report, the state of Texas receives $894,372,000 in research funds from the state and $2,177,513,000 from the federal government.

If Texas universities do not comply with the President’s executive order – or House Bill 2100 – this funding is at risk.

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