Over the last several weeks, controversy has followed Texas State University and its Student Government Association.

The Texas State SGA office holders had written legislation calling for the banning of Turning Point USA chapters on campus.

Earlier this month, TSU SGA voted in favor of such legislation, admitting they want the removal of TPUSA chapters from campus.

The TSU Turning Point USA chapter president, Stormi Rodriguez, stood up to the SGA and many leftists’ opinions.

Watch her powerful message addressed to the student government but heard across the nation:

The Texas State Student Government did not have the authority to bar TPUSA chapters from the college campus; however, that does not mean students are giving up. Rodriguez is not giving up either.

In fact, Rodriguez is beginning a more influential role than chapter president; she will be Turning Point USA’s newest Field Director located out of Houston, Texas.

As a Field Director, Rodriguez will be involved with many different tasks, such as traveling to college campuses and helping to coordinate events.

Read Stormi Rodriguez’s official announcement: 

Through the immense bashing and hatred received from Leftists on campus, Rodriguez chose to preserve, to continue to spread the message of Turning Point USA and the message of conservatism.

Turning Point USA News reached out to Rodriguez for a statement about her new position within the organization.

Rodriguez says “Turning Point USA is what made me the leader I am today, a leader that was capable of handling that controversy.”

“I can’t wait to be a part of the team and help make so many other students become better leaders than they ever thought was possible!”

Rodriguez has mentioned that before she was involved with Turning Point USA, she “couldn’t even raise my hand in class because I was too scared of backlash for my conservative beliefs.”

“Because of [Turning Point USA] I’ve become confident and empowered enough to be one of many leaders fighting for free speech at [Texas State],” she added.

Turning Point USA is very excited to see what new perspectives she will add to the team and how she will continue to win the battle on campus!

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