On Monday, the Student Government of Texas State University released very controversial legislation calling for a ban of Turning Point USA chapters at the university.

Texas State Turning Point USA Chapter President Stormi Rodriguez tweeted a picture of the resolution on April 1.

Between the Texas State TPUSA Chapter, TXST Republicans, the Young Conservatives for Texas, and most members of each organization, a Twitter uproar occurred surrounding the legislation.

Rodriguez stood in front of the SGA on April 2 in defense of her TPUSA chapter. “I am looking to the members of Senate to take a stand,” she said. “To stand for freedom of speech and for your fellow Bobcats.”

She made clear that while some members of the Senate may not agree politically with what TPUSA chapters represent; however, those students still deserve to be heard. “Should student government go forward with this legislation, should they try to remove a conservative organization from this campus, then please know that this will not be over.”

Charlie Kirk, Turning Point USA’s Founder and President, has been fighting against this type of conservative abuse for more than 5 years. He tweeted that this action by the Texas State SGA is “a blatant attack on free speech and an attempt to silence conservative voices.”

All of this was done in light of President Donald Trump’s executive order mandating free speech on all federally funded institutions. While the order is not in full effect until January 1, 2020, many universities and colleges across the nation have been updating their speech codes.

The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, even spoke about the battle between Texas State SGA and TPUSA. Abbott appears to back the First Amendment completely, saying, “it’s crazy we have to pass a law to uphold the First Amendment.”

The First Amendment was created to protect all speech, not popular speech. The legislation at Texas State has become so controversial, even George P. Bush, Texas land Commissioner and son of Jeb Bush, tweeted that the Texas SGA’s “attempt to silence the conservative organization @TPUSA on campus is a blatant disregard of free speech and a move to silence the conservative voice on campus.”

Freedom of speech is a principle that Turning Point USA, its entities, and all chapters uphold. As Kirk has stated on many occasions, colleges are meant to be a marketplace of ideas, a place where students can exchange information freely and articulate their opinions without fear of censorship.

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