Texas State University Student Body President denounces petition to make campus a safe space

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Andrew Homann, Student Body President at Texas State University, recently responded to a petition to make the public institution in Texas a sanctuary campus by many of the students.

“If they’re coming here, if they want an honest education, if they want to be here and they want to work, they should be able to come here to the United States and do that but they should definitely be able to come to the campus and do that and not feel worried about being hazed or being pressured,” said Texas State student Nikolas Farrell.

Farrell helped organize a petition urging university officials to make Texas State a sanctuary campus. As of Wednesday morning there were more than 900 signatures.

Earlier this week Texas State president Denise Trauth told students in a letter, “I have become aware of a growing national movement to support the needs of immigrant students and a petition that is circulating at our University.  I am reviewing these initiatives and determining what the University’s role should be.”

“Our goal would be to give them full protection and say ‘Hey as long as you’re here you’re safe.’  However we realize that there’s only so much that the president of the university can do, and that we can do and we can only bend the rules so much,” Farrell said.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has vowed to cut funding for sanctuary cities.

Andrew Homann stated in his letter:

Responsible governance is not advocating a regulation which would be unfeasible to implement due to the dangers it poses to intergovernmental relations. The Cabinet of Student Government cannot support, at this time and in its current form, the petition before us to make Texas State University a Sanctuary Campus.

Homann questioned of the safety of the student body on a sanctuary campus and emphasized the goal of the student government to provide a secure campus environment. He also reinforced the goal of compromise and working together to make all students feel welcome on campus:

Instead of violating legitimate law and inhibiting Texas State’s efforts to help students in need (mentioned, in part, in this letter), we encourage all who are passionate about the issue to engage in the law-making process with greater devotion. The Student Government is happy to help students connect with law-makers and support student opinions, but will not stand for actions that threaten our institution’s legitimacy.

Texas State’s Student Body President quoted President Abraham Lincoln to end his letter to the student body.

Now is the time to come together and have difficult discussions. We affirm that when we come together and engage we are strongest. Quoting scripture, Abraham Lincoln warned our nation that “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” His words bear even greater importance today. We ask all Bobcats to watch out for one another, be respectful of diverse opinions, and remember that we are one united community.

Read his entire letter here.

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