The Awful Ninth Circuit Court and Concealed Carry

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals includes the States of Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, and Arizona.  It is one of the most liberal circuits in the nation but also is overturned by the Supreme Court the most.


As a resident of the great State of Oregon, I cannot express my hatred for the Ninth Circuit enough.  One of the reasons for my hatred is their anti-gun agenda.

Here is just one of the cases decided by the Ninth Circuit that should draw the ire of gun rights activists everywhere:

Peruta v. San Diego County is a case that challenged San Diego’s policies restricting concealed carry practices in public.  California’s concealed carry laws have a requirement to demonstrate “good cause” for requesting a permit, because apparently being a free American isn’t good enough.  In practice, this ruling allowed counties in California to deny concealed carry permits to the many in the general population who seek a permit.


The Ninth Circuit went on to rule that concealed carry in public was not a right protected by the Second Amendment, so the State could restrict the carrying of guns in public for protection.

California is one of the most difficult states in the union to carry a gun, and the court upheld the restrictions that make it so difficult.  In 2015 only four people in the entirety of San Francisco County had a concealed carry permit.

It is likely gun rights advocates will attempt to have this case brought before the Supreme Court and have the Ninth Circuit overturned.  While the Court in D.C. v. Heller ruled that the Second Amendment protected the right to keep a gun in the home for protection, a ruling on concealed carry has not been made nationwide.

As a gun rights advocate, I can only hope that a Supreme Court with a brand new Trump appointee will take up this case and strike down this horrible decision form the Ninth Circuit.

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