The Congressional Black Caucus: Our Country’s Biggest Threat to Democracy

The Congressional Black Caucus: Our Country’s Biggest Threat to Democracy

The Congressional Black Caucus is a political organization within Congress comprised of some of the African-American members of the United States Congress. Officially, while being African-American and party affiliation are not prerequisite for membership, all of the members have been African American. The majority have been Democrats. Currently, the CBC is the country’s biggest threat to undermining our democracy.

While the caucus originated in 1969 with a different name, the caucus has been known as the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) since 1971. The founding members of the CBC were Shirley Chisolm, William L. Clary Sr., George W. Collins, John Conyers, Ronald Dellums, Augusts F. Hawkins, Ralph Metcalfe, Parren Mitchell, Robert Nix, Charles Rangel, Louis Stokes and Walter Fauntroy. The caucus defines its objectives as “positively influencing the course of events pertinent to African-Americans and others of similar experience and situation”, and “achieving greater equity for persons of African descent in the design and content of domestic and international programs and services.”

However, as the State of the Union has shown, they only care about one thing: the liberal agenda. As the caucus has defined its objectives over time, they only want those objectives to be achieved by Democrats who are in political power. Whether in Congress or in the White House, the CBC only seeks to adhere to their objectives if the legislators are Democrats. If not, they will do everything in their power to undermine their political opponents. As we have entered 2018, they have become our country’s greatest threat to our republic.

Granted, at first glance, one reading that the CBC is the greatest threat to our republic may find that as a pretty strong claim. Allow me to explain.

Within the 115th Congress, the CBC has 2 Senators, 45 voting Representatives and 2 non-voting Delegates that make up its membership. Of those 49, the majority, if not all, have set President Trump as their main target.

Representative Maxine Waters has routinely criticized President Trump and has called him many controversial names including ‘racist.’ This is despite the fact that she has produced zero evidence to validate her claim. Recently, she has made a fool of herself numerous times. At this point, given her longevity in Congress, she has been a vocal presence. Incidentally, it is that vocal presence that has essentially made her the laughing stock of the CBC. She is known for her outlandish statements and consistently incorrect information.

Most recently, she was recorded as erroneously proclaiming, “You can’t impeach a member of Congress,” Waters said. Then rephrased that a bit: “You cannot impeach a woman of Congress.” It is of grave significance that a legislator in our country seeking to impeach the President does not know the rules of her employment. She is a partisan hack and senile, laughing stock. Yet she has the power to push for an impeachment of our country’s president. Such maniacal behavior is a big reason why the CBC is one of our country’s biggest threats to democracy.

Representative Jim Clyburn recently commented, “I can only equate one period of time with what we’re experiencing now, and that was what was going on in Germany around 1934, right after the 1932 elections, when Adolf Hitler was elected chancellor.” This is purely political propaganda. It is a statement meant to discredit and delegitimize President Trump. Comparing Trump to Hitler is a sure-fire way of fear-mongering against Trump’s agenda. You know what else it is? Blatantly incorrect information. Hitler was never elected chancellor. He was appointed to the position. This is a significant omission. Clyburn said either out of stupidity or ignorance. Either one of those options is not something you want out of a politician that could topple the United State’s democratic republic.

Next, we have Representative Al Green. Green has formally brought articles of impeachment to Congress. In the past two months, Green has brought articles of impeachment to Congress twice. Each time he was soundly in his bid by all the sane people in Congress.

The measure Green offered in January included much of the same things mentioned in the December resolution. Included in the charges for impeachment: “language rebuking Trump for his response to the August rally of white nationalists in Charlottesville, his attacks on athletes who have engaged in silent protests during the playing of the national anthem, Trump’s comments inside an Oval Office meeting last week with key lawmakers engaged in negotiating an immigration compromise aimed at protecting young undocumented immigrants from deportation.”

The only real thing that matters about these charges is that none of them are legitimate, legal reasons for impeachment. This type of monolithic, political barbarism is the reason that the CBC is our country’s biggest threat to democracy.

Disagreeing with the president on politics is one thing. That has occurred since our country’s founding. Actively trying to topple an administration that has not committed any impeachable offenses is another. Concocting fallacious narratives and what amounts to be fallacious charges to remove a president is dangerous.

The irresponsible actions put into place by the CBC demonstrate the extent to which they will go to implement their agenda. That is not a democracy, that is totalitarianism. It can be argued that it is the legal equivalent to a Stalinist purge in our country. And, given their race, they are exempt from political criticism from their Republican counterparts for fear of being branded a racist. This is despite the fact that, had any Republican caucus sought to bring articles of impeachment during Obama’s first year without legally, legitimate infractions, they would have been shunned, silenced and dubbed racist. Yet, those standards are not reciprocated when the races are reversed.

Speaking of race, the CBC has openly refused the acceptance of white Congressional members admittance to their caucus. In 2006, when the white Representative Steve Cohen applied for membership to the CBC he was denied with the sole reason being his skin color. Regarding Cohen’s denial, Representative William Lacy Clay, Jr. said: “Mr. Cohen asked for admission, and he got his answer. He’s white and the caucus is black.

They have literally violated civil rights legislation regarding discrimination. What other groups in our country could do that and get away with it? The answer is none. The CBC has legalized racism.

The CBC is a racist, bigoted and prejudiced caucus filled with hate and divisiveness. They have created a fake constitution to pursue maneuvers that would otherwise be illegal or disregarded. They embody a caucus filled with corruption and represent everything wrong with our country today. They are our country’s biggest threat to our country’s democracy.

Do you believe that the Congressional Black Caucus is a direct threat to our country’s democratic republic? Do you find their practices to be racist and misrepresentative? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!