The Cowboys Should Start Tony Romo

The Cowboys Should Start Tony Romo

As a life long Dallas Cowboys fan I could not be happier that The Boys have secured home field advantage throughout the playoffs.  Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot are probably the greatest rookie QB/RB duo in NFL history and with the best offensive line in the game I am pretty excited about the playoffs this year.

While Dak To The Future has been a great Quarterback this season, and the team has defeated every opponent they have gone up against, (except that team from New York that we don’t talk about), I think the team should start Tony Romo against the Detroit Lions and the Philadelphia Eagles during their last two games of the regular season.

Think about it.  The Cowboys have already secured home field advantage throughout the playoffs, so there really isn’t anything to lose with these last two games.  Regardless of what happens the playoff picture is going to look pretty much the same.  This would give Dak Prescott an opportunity to rest up and avoid any injuries that could come about during the last few games of the season.

Tony Romo when he is on is about as good as any quarterback in the NFL, but because of injuries he has not really gotten that much playing time over the last few seasons.  Giving him the chance to play in two no pressure games could be a great opportunity for him to shake off the rust in case something happens and the Cowboys need him in the playoffs.  As well as Dak Prescott has been playing he is still a rookie and it is good to know that you have a seasoned veteran and five time pro-bowler that you can call upon if you need to.

If Romo has a few games to adjust to playing with folks like Elliot he will be much more effective than if he just gets tossed into the fire during the playoffs.  Plus the man is in the twilight of his career and really has something to prove to the world.  Sometimes nothing can be more dangerous than an old veteran player on his Swan Song.