The Greatest New Years Resolution I Ever Made

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I am not usually a fan of New Year’s Resolutions.  For the most part I feel like it just causes the gym to get overcrowded for the first few weeks of the new year more than actually helps people improve their lives. If you want to take steps to improve your self and your life I don’t know that you should have to wait for a certain time of the year to do it, but this last year I made a really simple New Years Resolution and it was a great decision.  My resolution was this: read everyday.

I didn’t want to get too ambitious with a resolution to read for an hour everyday or read a chapter everyday, because I knew I would make up excuses like not having enough time to set aside an entire hour on certain days and the most important this is establishing habits.

My aunt who is a school teacher got me the book 41 for Christmas, the biography of George H. W. Bush written by his son President George W. Bush.  So every night before bed I would take some time to read just a little of the book.  After a while I was done with that book so I moved on to another, then another, and then another.  Having recently graduated from college most of my reading had been for academic purposes and I rarely set aside time to read for pleasure.  Getting back to reading things that I wanted to read as opposed to reading things that I had to was a great change.  All in all I think I read about 35 books this year, mostly non-fiction political because I am a giant nerd, and next year I hope I can knock out 50 books before the end of 2017.

So while I would recommend reading to anyone as a new years resolutions, I would say the most important thing is to establish a habit.  If it’s reading make sure you read everyday.  If you want to go running make sure you run everyday, even if it isn’t very far.

Best of luck following through on your resolutions and have a wonderful 2017.

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