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One of the most nonconventional and controversial habits of President-Elect Trump is not his brazen language, business scandals, or failed marriages; rather, it is his constant use of the social media platform Twitter to get his messages across to the American people.

Although Mr. Trump, a 70-year-old baby-boomer, should be given much credit for his technological advancement, many people – especially those on the left – despise his social media addiction by saying that it proves his brazenness and immature nature.

However, could there be more behind Donald Trump’s motivation to tweeting his feelings and policies rather than holding press conferences or releasing formal statements? The answer is yes. Mr. Trump is brilliantly using the popular millennial-targeted communication platform, Twitter, to convey his disdain or praise of certain events in order to avoid manipulation by the mainstream media.

As most Americans know, Trump loathes the media and will be in an eternal struggle with large networks such as CNN and NBC. But, by tweeting his thoughts, he can attempt to avoid the liberal bias by conveying his information without a middle man. Furthermore, he can reach a wide breadth of citizens including his 18.8 million Twitter followers.

Albeit not conventional, some of his tweets have been very successful. Recently, his ability to single out companies such as Carrier and Toyota has sent the stock tumbling leading to the company’s announcement that they will keep at least some of the jobs they were planning to sending abroad.

Overall, despite the fact that many of Trump’s tweets have attracted criticism, it has landed him as the upcoming leader of the free world and President-Elect of the United States. And, because there seems to be no end to his social media presence anytime soon, we can expect to see a very active @POTUS account when Mr. Trump takes it over in less than two weeks.

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