The wrong way to look at ‘Make America Great Again’

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Trump was not my first choice, my second choice, or even my 15th choice. Yet, he’s President of the United States now, and I will support him in office, for if he fails, we all fail. Even though I refused to throw my support behind President Trump as a candidate, I have always loved his campaign slogan.

Make America Great Again

It is simple, catchy, and memorable. Better yet, it captures the very essence of what this country needs-to be made great again. Even in all its truth and beauty, many in this country hate the phrase. They respond to it with questions like,

“Oh, so does that mean we’re going to legalize slavery again?”

“Do you want to send America back to it’s awful, traditional state?”

“When has America ever been great?”

The problem these people have with MAGA doesn’t stem from the slogan itself; it stems from their misunderstanding. They’re looking at it the wrong way.

This beautiful, free country we belong to has dark ages in its history books. From the time we colonized the country, tribal people, those who were Americans long before we ever were, have been treated horrifically. Brutally treated, misplaced from their land, and slaughtered in droves.

People were enslaved in this country. We fought wars, intervened where we shouldn’t have, and enacted pieces of legislation that hurt many people. We had depressions and recessions, bigotry and hatefulness, racism, sexism, and the like. Our country gained flaws the day it became one; thus the danger of filling a country with humans.

Yet, America remains the greatest country in the history of the world. We came to this land in order to chase a dream, a bold idea, one that had never been tried before: That mankind should be free to live, worship, and work how they choose, and that government should be of, by, and for the people, not an entity to crush them. We remain the land of the dreamers, the thinkers, the doers, and the achievers.

We are America

We have created amazing things, and founded ideas that the world now claims. We decided that humans are equals, no matter their skin color, sex, or religion. We decided that people have the right to chase their own way of life, and that markets should be free in order to do that.

We decided that this country should be one that makes people want to come here, not forces them to stay. We are a land of many tongues, colors, races, and legal immigration has paved the way for that.

Campaign Ad. PC:

Yet, we’ve started to lose much of the very foundation we were built on. Speech is restricted, people are defenseless, and markets aren’t free. The government is inflated, politicians are corrupt, and the nation is enslaved by bureaucracy.

Our economy is struggling, health care has been destroyed by ‘good intentions’, people laugh at our immigration process, terrorism is on the rise, and our national security has been undermined by the Commander-in-Chief himself. We’re pitting race against race, men against women, unborn against those who wish for their deaths.


We’ve left greatness.

But, as President Reagan’s famous ad said, “It’s morning again in America.” Don’t think that by wanting to make America great again, we want to take America back to the dark ages it has known. We simply want to get back to a place where people are free to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Let’s return to the American dream. Let’s make America great again.

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