Charlie Kirk, Turning Point USA founder and CEO, launched his new podcast The Charlie Kirk Show on Wednesday, May 1.

Donald Trump Jr. and television personality Kimberly Guilfoyle were Kirk’s first guests on the show, where the trio discussed the results of the Mueller report, the dangers of socialism, and their thoughts on the 2020 election.

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“People have to really examine the issues and pay attention to this, because what you’ve seen is such a disservice by the media,” said Guilfoyle, “because they are [backing] these unsustainable policies. There’s no way to pay for any of this, there’s no infrastructure in place, it’s free education, it’s free health care, its the Green New Steal.”

“All of it is going to be just irreparable harm to this country,” added Guilfoyle, “and they are literally going to shape-shift America into something we do not realize, recognize, and hopefully we’ll get it together for 2020, because it’s all on the line.”

“This will be the most bloody — you heard it here first — the most bloody Democrat primary in American history,” mentioned Kirk, “because they hate Trump so much, they can’t see straight, and they’re soon going to realize the only thing getting in the way of them being the guy against Trump are these 15 other Democrats.”

“And then here’s what will happen,” continued Kirk, “the Democrat gospel has been written in identity politics — and when Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders is doing well — they are the three things you are not allowed to be. They’re old, they’re white, and they’re male. And they will go after that, very aggressively.”

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Trump Jr. later went on to deeply discuss why he is a conservative. His political choice sprouted from his upbringing, having been to Czechoslovakia many times with his family:

People say, ‘listen, you’re from a New York family, New York City, you went to an Ivy League school, how are you a Republican?’ And the reality is — my maternal grandfather was a blue collar guy from what was then communist Czechoslovakia — he recognized how blessed and how privileged we were to have the lifestyle and the wealth that we had, and all of the opportunities that come from that, but he also said, ‘you should see the other side.’ And so my father actually very much agreed, and it was sort of a big concept with him with us growing up. We always had to work — maybe we didn’t need to, but it was like, ‘you’re going to,’ and it was an important foundation for my life.

So, from about the age of six — and my grandparents were pretty involved in our lives, I spoke Czech fluently — I’d go over [to Czechoslovakia] with him for four to six weeks, every summer, and this is communist Czechoslovakia, under Soviet rule, and I remember the first time I go over there, and it’s one of the few memories — where you distinctly remember — I had this, kind of, blue jean jacket, but it had stars on it — almost like an American flag — and they literally, going through customers, were like, ‘you can’t wear that here,’ because it was a representation of American freedom.

From a young age, I saw what these socialist policies did. I saw the poverty that they created, and really, even this notion that even if you worked harder, better, smarter, faster, than others, there’s no real reward for it — it just encouraged mediocrity. Some of these people that I knew — and I knew these hardworking Eastern European people — there’s no incentive to work beyond doing that absolute minimum, and you see what that does to someone’s spirit. I was too young to think of it necessarily in political terms, but I remember it so distinctly.

“You’ve never seen someone be an advocate for socialism or communism who’s actually lived through it,” Trump Jr. said strongly.

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The Charlie Kirk Show is listed as the #15 podcast on Apple’s “Top Shows” for all categories and the #3 podcast for the “News & Politics” category. This exponential growth outpaced The Ben Shapiro Show, listed at #22 for all categories and #7 in “News & Politics.”

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