Three people were arrested for aggravated arson after allegedly setting a dorm room door on fire in late March at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The three individuals arrested, Robert Money, David Shelton, and Naima Okami, Were arrested by Tulane University Police on suspicion of aggravated arson for setting fire to a dorm room door.

One of the people in the dorm that was attacked is the chapter president for Turning Point USA’s Tulane University chapter.

The chapter president had recently been “doxxed” by leftists targeting members of another campus organization he belongs to, Young Americans for Liberty.

Getting “doxed” is when someone leaks your personal information – like phone number or address – to one or more people on the internet with malicious intent.

The student who got doxed, Peyton Lofton, wasn’t in the room at the time of the firebombing, but according to Breitbart News, his roommate was.

“The fire alarm went off, I was in my room, I opened my door, and the sign on the front of my door was on fire,” he said, “So I blew [the fire] out and then left the building with everyone else.” The building was evacuated at 1:30, but everyone was later allowed back inside.

Prior to the arrests, he said“I imagine it was somebody who was drunk and stupid and wanted to play some sort of prank, I don’t know, but hopefully we’ll figure it out soon.”

The motive is currently unknown, but it is speculated that it’s politically motivated, because Lofton’s address had been leaked when he had been doxed only a few days prior.  he had been doxed with the intent to “expose” conservatives on campus.

According to Lofton, a week prior to the attack, signs began to appear on Tulane’s campus exposing the names of students involved in the YAL group at Tulane University, and accusing them of being “racist, misogynistic and intolerant” individuals who make “offensive jokes.”

A day after the signs were spotted, the attacks moved to Twitter, on an account called @YALexposed.  A screenshot of his Facebook profile was posted, and the owner of the account said he was a member of YAL.

Charlie Kirk, Founder and CEO of Turning Point USA, commented on the attack on his Twitter.

The university’s Director of Public Relations Michael Strecker sait that “The investigation into this matter is ongoing, and it is not clear at this time what motivated the crime. The Tulane University Police Department responded quickly and professionally and identified three suspects after viewing security camera footage.”

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