Tomi Lahren And The Blaze Reach Settlement In Lawsuit

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The lawsuit between Tomi Lahren and The Blaze & Glenn Beck has finally come to an end.

Both sides reached a settlement on May 1 and Lahren was released from her contract. Lahren was originally suspended from The Blaze on March 20 for stating that she is pro-choice during an appearance on The View. She was permanently banned from the network on March 26. Lahren is now free to seek employment at another network.

The Lawsuit

On April 7, Lahren filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against The Blaze and Glenn Beck. She claimed she was fired for her comments on abortion during her March 17 appearance on “The View.” There was confusion on how Lahren could sue The Blaze for wrongful termination when she was still under contract with them. However, a lawyer representing Lahren said that The Blaze told her she no longer had a job. Lahren sent this tweet out the day her lawsuit was announced.

As part of the settlement, intellectual content that belonged to The Blaze would be deleted from Lahren’s Facebook page. This will include some of Lahren’s popular Final Thoughts. Glenn Beck was expected to testify on Thursday but since the

Tomi Lahren’s Future

At this point it is unknown where Tomi Lahren will be employed next. However, she has continued to maintain her presence on social media despite not being on The Blaze. Lahren regained access to her Facebook page, which was a main point in the lawsuit,. She posted her final thoughts to the page starting on April 19 and thanked her supporters on May 1.

Tomi Lahren thanks her Supporters

Tomi Lahren appearing on “Watters’ World” with Jesse Watters

Lahren gave an interview to Playboy on May 2 where she said she would work at Fox News when asked the question. She replied “that’s the mecca.”

Lahren had been appearing on Fox News frequently since December, with her first appearance on “The O’Reilly Factor” coming a week after her appearance on “The Daily Show.” She began appearing on “Hannity” after Donald Trump’s inauguration and her appearances have been noted for her exchanges with Democratic Strategist Jessica Tarlov. Lahren has also appeared on “Watters’ World” multiple times, including the day after her appearance on “The View.”

Jessica Tarlov and Tomi Lahren during an appearance on “Hannity”

Where Lahren goes next is unsure but she has shown she is not afraid to go on any network. She and Bill O’Reilly are the two biggest conservatives on the open market and will get big pay days when they decide to sign somewhere.

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