Tomi Lahren Talks Guns, Feminism And ‘Snowflakes’ At TPUSA’s Student Action Summit

Tomi Lahren Talks Guns, Feminism And ‘Snowflakes’ At TPUSA’s Student Action Summit

Fox News host Tomi Lahren attended Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit to discuss feminism, “snowflakes” and guns among other topics to thousands of young student activists Thursday evening.

She began by emphasizing the importance of “surrounding yourself with people who do not think like you,” adding that “the only way we’re going to get more conservatives is to surround ourselves with people that do not think like you do.”

Moving on to discussing campus “snowflakes,” Lahren said that “liberal professors don’t like it when you don’t agree with them.” However, they do like that “you’re listening to them.”

“Do not attack them and tell them they’re wrong, get them to respect you,” she said. “If they respect you, now you have them in your corner and you can change their minds.”

Lahren also talked Constitution, saying it’s “funny that liberals only believe in free speech” for individuals like Beyoncé and Colin Kaepernick. “When liberals talk about free speech zones, you point to a map of the United States and tell them that’s your free speech zone,” she added.

Tomi Lahren
PC: Turning Point News

She also touched on immigration, and more specifically Kate Steinle. “Someone who is on their fifth deportation and murders Kate Steinle should not allowed in our country,” she said, adding that the way to shut down liberals is to ask why legal immigrants should have to put up with illegal immigrants.

Shifting gears to law enforcement, Lahren made it clear that she backs the blue. “People don’t tend to understand that when you put on that badge, you are walking into the most dangerous environment. Tell your loved ones in law enforcement that they have America behind them. If you think police officers put their lives on the line for $50,000 per year, you’re out of your mind,” she said.

Lahren then asked audience members with loved ones in the military to stand, as over half of the audience stood up. “That’s why you’re here,” she said, “Thank you, it means the world to the rest of us.”

Discussing the Middle East, Lahren said that “liberals don’t think evil exists.”

“The feminists and LGBT communities say, ‘Don’t be mean to Islam,’ but do you know what they’d do to you?” she asked. Lahren continued to defend the U.S. Constitution, saying that the Second Amendment is the “second most important amendment.”

Tomi Lahren
PC: Turning Point News

“Women, please correct liberals when they tell you that you don’t have the right to protect and defend yourself. That’s my favorite women’s right,” she said, adding, “How about instead of #MeToo, you say #NotMe.”

The host concluded her speech by telling activists not to be afraid to stand up for themselves, whether that is in the classroom or a career.

“We need to put our voiced behind one of the most proactive presidents we’ve had for a long time,” she said.

“You can stand your ground to an entire network, like I did,” Lahren added, seeming to refer to her recent termination at The Blaze. “If you sit in a corner and cry about it, they will take advantage of you.”

Lahren told the student activists that if she were liberal, she’d speak about birth control, but “American issues should be enough for women to come over to be conservatives.”