Here’s Our Top 7 YouTube SJWs

Here’s Our Top 7 YouTube SJWs

Are you curious about feminism, non-binary genders, and other social justice topics? Are you rusty on your pronouns? Does Tumblr give you migraines? If so, look no further! Our Top 7 List of YouTube SJWs will provide you with a fascinating glimpse into this mindset.

These YouTubers were chosen both for the extent to which they embody current social justice trends and also for their quirks. While they all express similar opinions, they nevertheless stand out for their passion, intersectionality, and offbeat fashion sense. Indeed, one can learn a great deal from merely watching their videos. Bon, voyage!

Here is our list of YouTube’s most cringe-worthy SJWs:

#7: Ash Hardell

Just a few years ago, Ash Hardell was your average lesbian YouTuber. She smiled a lot, wore a side braid, and made cute videos.

That was before social justice. Today, Ash is a non-binary transgender individual who’s considering some form of medical intervention. She makes ‘exciting’ and emotionally vulnerable videos about her hair dysphoria. She’s undergoing intensive gender therapy and recently got her septum pierced.

To say that Ash has changed would be an understatement. YouTuber Ranting Monkey has also commented on her seeming personality transplant.

Gender non-conforming YouTubers are a dime a dozen. However, Ash stands out for her beautifully edited videos and her ever-widening scope. She’s made videos on such topics as polyamory, asexuality, pronouns, and kinks like puppy role-play. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Ash reacted poorly to Donald Trump’s election.

Ash stands out from the non-binary crowd in another way — namely, her kindness and respect for others. Agree or disagree, Ash comes off as a genuinely gentle soul.

#6: Steve Shives

For an atheist, Steve Shives isn’t particularly skeptical. This self-proclaimed male feminist routinely chastises his fellow atheists for being unenlightened, and even downright bigoted.

According to Steve, pretty much anyone who’s yet to drink the social justice Kool-Aide is a racist, bigot, and/or misogynist. If you’re not intersectional, you’re a bigot. If you don’t like Anita Sarkeesian, you’re a misogynist. In fact, a mere lack of interest in social justice is enough to label you a bigot in Steve’s eyes.

Steve believes that “the atheist movement” must incorporate identity politics, and exalt its most marginalized members. YouTuber Sargon of Akkad rightly notes that atheists tend to be humanists and that Steve is, in fact, a temporarily embarrassed believer. He “[listens] and believes,” and obeys his feminist comrades without question.

Over the years, Steve has had numerous run-ins with many “racist” (read: not culturally Marxist) YouTubers. In one particularly hilarious incident, Bearing trolled Steve with an over-the-top (and obviously fake) message from a trans woman named “Tristan.” Steve wholly and uncritically believed “Tristan’s” account of abuse and physical assault by an unnamed YouTuber’s fans.

Perhaps most importantly of all, Bearing got Steve to say “I love me some chicks with dicks.”

#5: Melissa A. Fabello

Melissa A. Fabello is a rare sort indeed. A thin, yet body- and fat-positive feminist, Melissa compulsively posts about how diets hurt you — and help capitalism. The horror!

Melissa is relatively new to YouTube and is much more active on Twitter. Nevertheless, she’s more than earned her place on this list with her video on Taylor Swift and “whiteness.” In it, Fabello shames the pop star for being inadequately guilty about her image, which is, apparently, too white.

Curiously, Swift is also guilty of cultural appropriation. Fabello seems to believe that Swift coerced black women — perhaps by magic — to dance with her in a video. One can only hope that a woke white feminist like Fabello will wake these poor, downtrodden black women from their offensive slumber.

#4: Dakota Hendrix, aka The Gender Terrorist

Dakota is perhaps the hundredth “vegetarian,” “queer, non-binary” witch from New York City to post his views on YouTube. What makes him unique, you ask?

Indeed, Dakota’s fashion sense is every bit as striking as his politics. His pronouns are “not preferred;” they are “mandatory for interaction with [him].” He wants cis people to “just shut the f*ck up” and stop “prioritizing [their] comfort” over his trans “struggles.” They need to “change their language,” and finally accept that “no one is born a girl.”

Like so many unique rebels, Dakota practices Wicca. Truly woke, he castigates his fellow “white witches” for their privilege and appropriation of oppressed cultures. One wonders why he’s yet to use his magic to save non-whites from white supremacy and other such ghostly systems.

#3: Marina Watanabe

Like Dakota, Marina Watanabe is in no way unique. She’s very much your prototypical intersectional feminist. Thus, her videos are a veritable treasure trove of all your favorite — and, of course, ideologically approved — feminist arguments.

Take, for example, Marina’s video about #notallwhitepeople. Here, Marina spits out the usual argument — white people can’t be discriminated against because they’re magic. They have white privilege, and secretly run those shadowy systems of power which hopelessly oppress minorities. One wonders how Marina can withstand this insidious and all-powerful sorcery.

Marina routinely engages in that most beloved of feminist past-times — that is, policing other women. In “Your Feminism Sucks,” Marina chastises her insufficiently radical sisters. Specifically, she condemns white feminism, which is “pretty much the opposite of everything [she] stands for.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Marina was triggered by Donald Trump’s election. In “If You Voted For Trump,” she works some magic of her own, and reads the minds of those barbaric deplorables. In short, Trump voters only want to “Make America Great Again as long as you’re white, and a man, and straight, and Christian.” Quick — someone tell Nikki Haley!

#2: Queer Kid Stuff

Queer Kid Stuff is an LGBTQ+ YouTube series geared for children ages 3-7. Yes, you read that right — ages 3-7. Host Lindsay Amer teaches toddlers about such pressing and age-appropriate topics as drag, pronouns, and how bisexuality is akin to “liking apples and bananas.”

Lindsay is a performer, not a teacher. In fact, she’s not even qualified to teach pre-school in New York City. Nevertheless, she produces a steady stream of material which is at once wholly inappropriate and poorly executed. Take, her example, her video on bisexuality. Lindsay blithely tells her (toddler) audience that being bisexual is “awesome.” What’s not to like about loving both girls and boys?

Of course, upon hearing Lindsey’s explanation, your average five-year-old will immediately declare herself to be bisexual. After all, she loves both her mother and her father! Therein lies the difficulty — and, some would argue, Lindsay’s agenda.

To say that Queer Kid Stuff is political would be an understatement. In a post-election video, Lindsay reassures her audience that, while Donald Trump and his supporters are “mean,” love will always prevail. They must be tolerant and kind, and treat everyone with respect — that is, so long as they agree politically.

However, Lindsay seems to harbor a more radical set of political beliefs. On her personal channel, Lindsey discusses some of her favorite academic works and suggests that all children are inherently queer.

#1: Milo Stewart

Oh, Milo. What’s not to love about a “feminist, communist, otherkin, non-binary, asexual YouTuber?”

Indeed, Milo encapsulates within herself almost every social justice label and identity. She’s a proud gender confusion who loves trigger warnings, hairy legs, cyberpunk crafts, and tofu. In one particularly controversial (and now deleted) video, Milo claims that all white people are racist, all men are misogynistic, and all cisgender people are transphobic.

Milo Stewart is, in short, a stereotype. While undoubtedly passionate, her views are indistinguishable from that of the social justice mass. She even admits that her “thoughts are not her own.” Why, then, is Milo #1 on our list?

Milo has been making YouTube videos since she was just a pre-teen. Thus, her channel documents her rather extreme — and, some would argue, somewhat disturbing — transformation. Over time, her political views become increasingly radical, and her identities metastasize wildly. Ultimately, Milo goes from transgender boy in flower crowns to full-blown gender confusion, shaved head and all.

These days, Milo Stewart is a non-binary individual who shoots testosterone and likes getting spanked. In her most recent videos, she has a more profound, grainy voice and facial acne, ostensibly the result of said testosterone. She makes videos about sex toys, kink, and her inability to reach orgasm.

When Things Get (Too) Real

Milo Stewart is funny. She’s ostentatiously and uncritically a social justice warrior who seems impervious to different viewpoints. That being said, her latest antics have some genuine — and perilous — consequences.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is serious business. As trans YouTuber Matthew C. notes, injecting oneself with testosterone will result in dramatic and irreversible changes. Among other things, women who undergo HRT will become infertile; their ovaries are permanently damaged; their risk of certain cancers is increased. Matthew C. urges Milo, a “transtrender,” to think critically about what she’s doing – before it’s too late.

Ultimately, Milo’s story may well be a tragic one. Her videos serve as a warning to those who uncritically accept social justice dogma, couch their personalities in labels, and seek social validation at any cost.

What did you think of our list? Did we miss anyone? Let us know in the comments below!