Turning Point USA activist Malia Shirley posted on Facebook Sunday about her experience of being involved with TPUSA while at college. Shirley attends the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and has seen the unthinkable from leftist professors and students.

Shirley proudly opens her Facebook op-ed article by saying “no student should have to attend a university where they fear for their safety.”

For Nebraska University students, extensive trepidation stems not only from fellow students but from the administration. According to Shirley, officials from the university have been quoted as saying, “[we] don’t think it’s safe to be a conservative on this campus.”

Frequently, Shirley will talk over concerns with her peers. The most recent slander of young, conservative students came from an associate professor in the political science department. According to Shirley and her classmates, the assistant professor used his personal social media account to call out the group for holding up the ‘O.K.’ hand signal.

As the assistant professor claimed, the signal is symbol of “white supremacy.” Shirley clarifies her hand position, stating that the picture was taken a year prior to the media’s coverage on the signal. As Shirley contests, the assistant professor went to extreme lengths for a difference in political ideology:

“I’m all for supporting a person’s freedom of speech, even when I disagree with them. However, there needs to be a line distinguished between what is ‘free speech’ and what is unacceptable behavior on the part of an Educator against a Student.”

Shirley states that this “line” is routinely crossed by left leaning students. The majority of reporters for the local, leftist blog Seeing Red Nebraska happen to all be employed by the university. Seven-out-of-ten of these reporters have also been found guilty for the vandalization of Chris Cox’s house – the Chief Lobbyist for the NRA.

Shirley questions the radical employees and students of the university, saying that “they are free to engage in whatever free speech they desire,” implying that conservative students may not.

In a recent article published by Seeing Red Nebraska, they are quoted calling Katie Mullen, a TPUSA activist at the university, a “nazi” and stated that they intend on “inserting [their] right to speak more loudly” than conservative students. “There is a bigger question that needs to be raised,” said Shirley.

“We need to be holding accountable the people entrusted with educating our students.”

“If students don’t feel safe in the classroom, how can we expect them to be successful?,” said Shirley. “How can we expect them to feel safe in the classroom when the very professors that are supposed to be educating these students are the ones receiving restraining orders for uncivil conduct in the public sphere?”

As a protector of free speech, Shirley invites any University of Nebraska student to attend their NRA-U event on April 2. “We refuse to let these leftists bully conservative students into submission,” she said.

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