Cal State student and now-TPUSA activist Sergio Eduardo Velasquez was featured on Breitbart News to discuss his ideological transition. Host and Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow probed Velasquez’s background as both a young conservative activist and an illegal immigrant.

Velasquez was not always a conservative, however. He vividly explained his conversion from pro-Bernie liberal to conservative political activist for Turning Point USA.

“In 2016, I supported Bernie Sanders,” Velasquez depicts. “I fell into your typical leftist stereotype. I was self-entitled. I believed that more government was the answer to everything. I chanted racism. I failed to look at myself in the mirror and failed to consider that if there was an issue it might be not that society was the problem, but that I myself was the problem.”

“I think part of being a conservative, part of realizing that essentially conservatism is the way to go, a lot of it was growing up.”

As Winston Churchill famously stated, “If you’re not a liberal when you’re 25, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative by the time you’re 35, you have no brain.” As this liberal-turned-conservative points out, a student does not have to be 35 in order be conservative. 

As the interview continued, Velasquez touched upon his personal experiences as an illegal immigrant. Marlow pointed out that because of his history, Velasquez would be considered apart of the DACA program, a dreamer as many call them.

Under the DACA program, Velasquez is able to reside in the United States, as DACA is an immigration policy protecting illegal immigrants under the age of 16 from deportation. He views this as an amazing opportunity.

While his status is not legal, he claims he could not be here if it were not for DACA – Velasquez considers the United States as his home.

As a DACA recipient, Velasquez appears to be someone who would not support President Trump’s immigration policies. Contrary to popular belief, when asked about President Trump’s policies, he said they resonates with him: 

Well first of all, I think that part of it is, it goes back to realizing that it’s one of those things where you have to realize you’re the problem. I have no problem with saying I’m an illegal immigrant, the term doesn’t offend me. And the thing is, I can recognize that illegal immigration is not a good thing. I can recognize that legal immigrants have to come first. America is a sovereign country. You don’t barge into someone’s home and tell them, ‘Okay, I’m here to stay give me free stuff.’”

“Immigrants owe absolutely everything they have to this country, and we need to stop this nonsense of entitlement.”

 Velasquez, soon after discovering conservatism, joined Turning Point USA at his university. There, he hopes to make known his beliefs and newly found value system. 

Listen to the full interview: 

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