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Turning Point USA hosted an event on April 2 at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a special visit from the National Rifle Association. At the event, students could sign up for a free, year-long membership to the NRA.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s TPUSA chapter hosted the NRA’s grassroots coordinator for Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas, Sarah Hitchcock. According to the Daily Nebraskan, Hitchcock was at the university “for an educational presentation on the Second Amendment’s history and current NRA efforts to secure gun rights.”

“One of the biggest pieces of my job is collegiate presentations,” Hitchcock said. “We come, we bring food and we talk about guns.”

Hitchcock’s presentation started with a brief history of the NRA, but she then drifted into what the NRA does for today’s Americans.

“It’s easy to classify us as the lobbying piece, but you can’t forget what the NRA as a whole does 99% of the time, which is training and education,” Hitchcock said. “We are the standard for firearm training and education.”

While on stage, Hitchcock mentioned several issues facing the NRA and conservatives today.

She briefly talked about the push for concealed carry laws that are consistent across the country so that concealed carry permits could be valid from state to state.

“We want to treat concealed carry licenses like driver’s licenses,” she said.

State director for the NRA and pervious member of the Kansas House of Representatives, Travis Couture-Lovelady, was also in attendance at TPUSA’s event.

He made it clear while speaking that due to current legislation within Nebraska, campus carry is far from happening in the state. “This is really tough,” Couture-Lovelady said. “Even in the good states, it’s really hard to get it done.”

Both Couture-Lovelady and Hitchcock say that the NRA’s focus going forward will mainly be education. The NRA may be narrowing their scope to self-defense basics and protecting the laws that support assault rifles, ammunition regulations and carry permits, according to Couture-Lovelady.

Kiara Kearney, the TPUSA chapter president at UNL, spoke to the Daily Nebraskan after the event.

According to the Daily, “Kearney said the standing-room only event was just the beginning for TPUSA at UNL. After the club’s rough start last year, she said she hopes to build on Nebraska’s conservative base to form one of the biggest chapters of the national organization.”

“We want more people banding together,” Kearney stated. “We want people to be able to talk with each other and realize they’re not alone as conservatives on campus.”

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