Turning Point USA Gulf Regional Manager Driena Sixto debated a self-proclaimed socialist high school teacher on Friday, April 26 at West Boca Raton Community High School.

Sixto held the event so students at the high school may learn that “just because their left wing teacher is a position of authority over them, doesn’t make them right,” according to her Instagram post.

Students gather to watch TPUSA regional manager debate socialist teacher (26 April)

After speaking with TPUSA News, Sixto confirmed that over 70 students were present for the debate. “I think that’s the biggest marker for success for me,” she explained. “I honestly expected maybe 25 people to show up.”

Turning Point USA has certainly proved that the younger generation is becoming more involved. Events like Sixto’s gain popularity because they depict both sides of an argument, allowing for civil discourse.

TPUSA’s founder and president, Charlie Kirk, popularized the sentiment that socialism has been tried in over 100 countries, failing at each attempt.

The socialist high school teacher questioned this view at the debate. Sixto responded by asking, “Can you name me one country where socialism has worked?”

“Catalonia,” said the high school teacher. Sixto clarified that Catalonia is not a country. In fact, Catalonia is a region within the country of Spain, according to Encyclopedia Britannica.

“Out of the entire world,” Sixto said critically, “you can name a little piece of Spain where socialism worked… and it’s not its own country either. Can you name me an actually country?”

To that, the teacher changed the subject.

WATCH (slide 8):

As the debate continued, Sixto challenged the postulation that Nordic countries – such as Norway, Sweden or Denmark – are socialist. She perfectly explains the difference between Nordic countries and the United States:

“[Nordic countries] rank higher on the Free Market Scale than we (the United States) do. Why? So, the country basically says, ‘Okay, we need to tax the crap out of you guys, so we’re going to let you produce money, we’re going to let you create businesses, we’re not going to give you so many regulations and red tape,’ like we normally would do here in the United States. They have more freedom to produce money. That’s the number one difference.”

“The other difference,” Sixto continued, “is that they do not have a military. [The United States] covers it, unfortunately… If they (Nordic countries) had to spend money for that, they wouldn’t be able to pay for all these ‘free’ services that they are providing for their citizens.”

Watch the full part of this debate: 

The socialist teacher was not a good competitor, claimed Sixto. “[He] couldn’t provide statistics or numbers, or sources. It was all emotional rhetoric that could be easily shut down with logic and facts.”

The debate was educational, factual, and above all, successful. Too often, leftist refuse debate. As Kirk has said before, the left does not want to debate, they simply want a monopoly of ideas on campus.

“The event gave me hope for the future because clearly younger people are curious about listening to different political viewpoints. And that’s a start to steering them in the right direction, away from dangerous socialist and marxist rhetoric,” Sixto told TPUSA News.

During her time with Turning Point USA, Sixto has learned much about American politics and conservatism, while teaching students and peers.

She says TPUSA has prepared her to debate any teacher or peer:

“TPUSA has provided me the tools and information to be a teacher to students who haven’t heard about or understand free market values or fiscal conservatism.”

“I can go toe-to-toe with any professor regardless of their field of expertise when it comes to defending and explaining limited government,” Sixto continued.

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