Turning Point USA hosted its largest ever Young Latino Leadership Summit this year in late February.  While attending YLLS, “students and activists had the opportunity to hear from several prominent speakers within the conservative movement,” reported Breitbart.

“TPUSA founder and executive director Charlie Kirk said that this year’s event is his organization’s largest Latino summit to date.”

The summit’s speakers included Steve Cortes (President Trump’s Hispanic Advisory Council), Mike Lindell (My Pillow CEO), Sara Carter (investigative reporter), Art Del Cueto (border patrol agent), and Kimberly Guilfoyle (television personality).

When talking with reporters from Breitbart, Charlie Kirk said that YLLS attendees are “in a daily battle with those who want them to believe that if you come from a certain background, or if you look and talk a certain way, you can’t be conservative.”

“These young leaders flip that narrative on its head and expose it for the lie it is,” Kirk went on. “They are part of a large and growing movement within the Hispanic-American community, and they are national heroes for fighting so courageously for what they believe in.”

Kirk added that Turning Point USA is unequivocally committed to “supporting and equipping [the Hispanic-American community] every step of the way.”

Kirk continued:

“TPUSA keeps revealing the truth, that those who support freedom are a diverse community and those who support big government want us all to look and act the same”

“What a great experience getting to bond and network with some of America’s most patriotic and passionate young leaders,” tweeted one individual. “In the end we win.”

“I was so inspired by @realMikeLindell and his story. Thank you for coming to @TPUSA #YLLS2019,” said another user on Twitter.

“Nothing has changed my life more than @TPUSA,” tweeted another. “It has given me more opportunities, more confidence, and more resources than I ever thought was possible. Join this organization, get active, you will not regret it.”


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