Elected student officials from Texas State University voted to bar Turning Point USA chapters from the TSU campus earlier this month.

According to the Dean of Students, these student officials do not have the authority to ban organizations from campus. That does not mean, however, students at Texas State feel any differently.

The president of TSU’s TPUSA chapter, Stormi Rodriguez, told FOX7 from Austin, Texas that a bias attack like this “shows you the dangerous trend on college campuses where college conservatives are being silenced and threatened and shouted down.”

Turning Point USA spokesperson Rob Smith traveled to Texas State – after the controversy – to talk with college students about free speech.

Smith met with Rodriguez while on campus. He says her strength inspires him to continue fighting across the nation to “take on leftists” in the college quad:

While at TSU, Smith struck-up an interesting conversation with a student. He asked the student if she believes college should be a market place of ideas. Her answer shockingly “No.”


FOX7 spoke with Smith afterwards:

“Do [students] think that it is right to shut down speech that they don’t agree with?” Smith asked.

“This is where we are, this is where the left is right now and this is what we’re trying to avoid.”

Watch the full Texas State visit: 

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