Turning Point USA recently opened a new chapter at Minnesota State University.  They began their timeline as a chapter by hosting TPUSA’s Director of Latino Engagement, Anna Paulina.

The event had dozens of conservative students in attendance, which is very impressive for a newly established chapter.

Anna Paulina, an Air Force veteran, has been engaged in the debate on illegal immigration since she was a part of the non-profit organization, Veterans for Child Rescue, which saves children who have been trafficked across the U.S. – Mexico border. It was because of her time with this organization that Paulina saw how serious of an issue sex trafficking has become.

Paulina began her speech by saying that the crisis on the border isn’t just about stopping illegal immigrants, but stopping sex traffickers.

Paulina said, “There is no argument to say that, whether you are left or right, that illegal immigration does have a correlated issue with the human trafficking aspect, not to mention the drug issue.”

According to MSU Reporter, Paulina told the story of a woman named Karla Jacinto, a victim of sex trafficking who was raped over 43,000 times during a four-year period. Jacinto was rescued and has since become an advocate for the ending of sex trafficking of women and children.

An audience member asked Paulina if she believed that the decriminalization of drugs would help the border crisis.

“This is my opinion and not affiliated with Turning Point,” She said. “In my opinion, I don’t agree with federally legalizing just any drug.” She goes on to tell how many in her family has suffered due to drug addiction, many losing their lives because of heroin and meth: “I myself, in no way shape or form, would ever want to decriminalize that because it kills people.”

She did, however, say that she was in favor of common-sense marijuana legalization in order to benefit state economies and to stop the trafficking of it into the southern states.

Paulina answered questions until none remained. The chapter president closed out, thanking the audience for their attendance.  Anna Paulina stayed after to speak with audience members on a more personal level.

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