According to The Daily Caller, Anna Paulina, the Director of Latino Engagement for Turning Point USA, says that she “expects support for President Donald Trump and Republicans to continue growing going into 2020.”

While at CPAC in early March, Paulina interviewed with The Caller, reporting that recent polls look good among Latinos in favor of President Trump:

“[The Young Latino Leadership Summit] not only sent shock waves of excitement and passion for this country and for the conservative movement but it is serving as a small glimpse as to what this year and next year will entail within this community.”

As stated by The Daily Caller, a survey “by NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist in January showed showed Latino support for Trump at 50 percent, which was almost a 20-point increase from the last poll that was conducted a month prior.”

Paulina says that conservative politics are constructed for Latinos:

“I think the foundation of the [conservative] party is more geared towards what we (Latinos) are as a community and who we are as people.”

She goes on to say that conservatives are faith-based, something that frequently appeals to the faith-based culture of Latinos.

When asked about how she convinces Latinos who are “on-the-fence” about supporting the conservative movement, she said:

“Check the facts for yourself.  The one difference between being a conservative and being a Leftist is we are never going to tell you how to think…”

Paulina explains that conservative events, such as TPUSA’s Student Action Summit or Young Women’s Leadership Summit, are not segregated: “there are so many people of all color and creed.”


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