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On March 28th, Kyle Kashuv, the Director of High School Outreach for Turning Point USA, took to Twitter in jubilation after being accepted to Harvard.

Kashuv is a survivor of the tragic Stoneman Douglas school shooting in Broward County, Florida.  In the time following the shooting, he gained attention because of his pro-Second Amendment views, while his classmates fought against the NRA.

Once Kyle gained influence, he joined Turning Point USA as the Director of High School Outreach and held TPUSA’s largest ever High School Conference in Washington D.C..

One of the issues Kyle has focused on is the accountability of his school district. He has consistently pushed for school safety legislation and criticized the Broward County Sheriff, who he partially blames for the tragedy that happened at his school.

Kashuv has become one of the leaders among right-wing Second Amendment activists. He speaks at many events and has vast social media influence with almost 300,000 followers on Twitter.  Kashuv even had the pleasure of meeting with President Trump in the Oval Office shortly after the shooting to talk about next steps for school safety.

White House

Harvard is Kashuv’s latest step in life, and his days influencing people are far from over.

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