TPUSA’s Free Speech Week Angers Cleveland State Communists

TPUSA’s Free Speech Week Angers Cleveland State Communists

Cleveland State University’s Turning Point USA chapter is hosting a “Free Speech Week” from October 16th to October 20th. Naturally, it is angering some leftist students around the University.

Events for this week have involved a day focused on the Constitution, a free speech wall and ball, all leading up to Thursday night’s big event with Founder Charlie Kirk

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Charlie Kirk is speaking on his “Melting Snowflakes & Smashing Socialism” tour around universities nationwide. On Tuesday, for their free speech wall, the students set out a row of boxes where students can express their thoughts thanks to the first amendment. Also on Tuesday, a socialist/communist group called “Student Socialist Society” protested Turning Point by waving red, communist flags. These “Communists” spent the event singing about how communism is the way to go, “Paint it red” they said. Reminder, Communism is blamed for the death of over 90 million people during the 20th century.

On the wall, someone wrote “Stalin did nothing wrong.” The communist organization replied to Turning Point News saying “No, we didn’t write that”. The communistic group claims that they do not believe in “Stalinism”, even though Stalin is one of the most famous communist leaders.

tpusa charlie kirk protest cleveland
Flyer for the planned protest

Charlie Kirk is scheduled to speak Thursday night at 6 PM on campus. As always with conservative speakers, there is a protest planned on campus. This protest “NO! To Kirk! NO! To Bullying and Suppression of Free Speech!” is expected to have over 20 attendees. It is interesting how the protesters are protesting Charlie Kirk’s “suppression of free speech” when one of Turning Point USA’s main beliefs is the right to free speech! With added security, compliments of the police of Cleveland, the event is on and so are the protesters. Cleveland State’s Turning Point President Tiffany Roberts will be MCing the event Thursday.

Turning Point News will have more coverage on this event as the night goes on so be sure to check back for updates!