Trump goes on the offensive in latest fued with Rep. Lewis

Trump goes on the offensive in latest fued with Rep. Lewis

President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter again to go after Georgia Congressman John Lewis. Lewis has came and stated that he will be boycotting the inauguration. In that setting, he also questioned the legitimacy of Trump’s election.

The Civil Rights Icon is skipping the inauguration and Business Insider reported,

“It will the first time he will miss an inauguration since 1986.”

However, a Washington Post article from the early days of 2001 states the exact opposite, as it proves that Lewis has skipped inauguration of Bush for the same reasons of legitimacy.

In typical Trump fashion, the president-elect called him out on it:

In other news, Vice President-elect Mike Pence is also showing his displeasure in Lewis’ plans to skip the festivities.

He said in a Fox News interview;

“I served with John Lewis and I disagree with him on many issues. But I respect the role he’s played in the civil rights movement and the voting rights movement. That’s why I was just so disappointed that he would make the statement that he made suggesting that President-elect Trump is not a legitimate president.”

(h/t; The Wrap)

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