Donald Trump Jr. joined Charlie Kirk at Penn State University for Turning Point USA’s ‘Campus Clash’ tour event on Tuesday, April 23.

The event drew in over 700 attendees and had to turn away more than 1,000.

Trump Jr. spoke about many things, including the Mueller investigation, how the economy is faring under Donald Trump, and the 2020 election.

On the Mueller report, he said, “There’s no obstruction, nothing that I haven’t been screaming for two years.”

He also touched on free speech on college campuses: “There are real-life consequences to being a conservative and being vocal about it,” Trump Jr. said.

“They’ve been demonized, bastardized and hit left and right by the fake news media who are saying they’re terrible people for wanting jobs.”

On the 2020 election, Trump Jr. said, “2020 is so important, because in 2016 it was just promises.  It could have been failed promises like every other guy before him, but he’s actually delivered.”

Chants of “U-S-A” rang through the high-energy crowd, filled with “Make America Great Again” hats and related Trump gear.

“Imagine chanting ‘U-S-A’ at a DNC rally, they’d throw you out,” Trump Jr joked. The audience laughed along with him, fueling the happy vibes that filled the room.

He continued to speak about the discrimination against conservatives on college campuses: “They just want to be able to say whatever they want to say, without you being able to counter it.”

Charlie Kirk added on to Trump Jr’s points, saying, “Have you ever seen when a liberal comes and speaks on campus, conservatives heckle, and try to not let them talk?”

The audience shouted, “NO!” to Kirk’s question. “We actually want the marketplace of ideas. We want debate, and dialogue, and discussion. The left, they hate the idea that there are other ideas.”

The ‘Campus Clash’ tour will continue at the University of Missouri on April 24! Find out more here.

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