Donald Trump Threatens North Korea, Iran At United Nations

Donald Trump Threatens North Korea, Iran At United Nations


U.S. President Donald J. Trump spoke heavy-handedly about the North Korea crisis in his first address to the United Nation’s General Assembly.

For forty-two minutes, world leaders and dignitaries to the UN heard Trump elaborate on his intentions to deal with the ever-compounding geo-political crisis surrounding North Korea and nuclear non-proliferation efforts in the region, among the other main points of contention.

For one, in the midst of the toughest sanctions the United Nations Security Council ordered against any rogue state, Trump has a position that is very strong on continuing down the current path of provocative foreign policy and half-hearted rhetoric.

“Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime,” Trump said, referring to the leader of North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, via analysis and coverage from the Associated Press and The Hill.

“We will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea,” Trump’s harshest rhetoric mustered. In fact, the concept of Korean de-nuclearization has become the toughest foreign policy issue that will make or break his Administration’s image domestically and internationally.

The Iranians were also on Trump’s hit list in his address. Among his condemnations of a nuclear Iran, Trump ordered that the Islamic Republic needs to reconsider its role in Middle East affairs.

Ultimately, Trump stuck to his “America First” foreign policy that has sparked controversy among national leaders and members of the international political community. In light of this, the response from the audience members was very tepid and could serve as a litmus test to how other world leaders view Trump’s stance on foreign policy and the U.S.’s place in the international community.

One commentator for the Washington Post considered Trump’s address a nationalist disaster.

“President Trump delivered a speech to his alt-right, anti-globalist base from the podium of the United Nations General Assembly,” commentator David Rothkopf wrote. ” He offered a vision of America’s role in the world starkly different from any of his predecessors who stood in the same spot before the leaders of the world. In the end, Trump offered up remarks that were antithetical to the ideas and ideals that led the United States to play a central role in the U.N.’s founding in the wake of World War II.”

Despite the rhetoric of Trump’s speech, the United States has vested interests in almost every country in the world. A change in overall foreign policy for the remainder of the presidency could change the global environment drastically.

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