Trump’s First 100 Days As President

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Prior to starting off as President of the United States, Donald Trump made a total of 28 promises. So, I’ll touch on some of the most important promises that were kept and not kept within the first 100 days of the Trump Administration.

Trump wanted to freeze hiring of federal employees, with exceptions to military, public safety, and health, to reduce the federal workforce. Unfortunately, Trump only decided to put a 90-day freeze on hiring of federal employees, which did close to absolutely nothing. In order to have a real effect, Trump would have needed this to last much longer. According to Quartz Media, the federal workforce fell only by 0.04%… close to nothing, but at least it’s something.

Within his first few days Trump kept an important promise, to withdraw the United States from the TPP. Trump successfully announced America’s withdrawal within his first full day in office. This would be considered one of the biggest successes of the Trump administration.

Trump wants to cancel billions in payments to UN climate change programs and use the money to fix America’s water and environmental infrastructure. In theory, great idea, as a lot of foreign countries refuse to comply with rules that would help keep our planet clean. I understand that in theory cleaning up American soil seems the most important. However, I believe what Trump has failed to understand in making this promise that environmental issues are not “America-centric”, environmental issues are global, therefore, pulling out of a program that helps fix national programs is actually a great program for the United States to be a part of.

His next promise was to begin the process of selecting a replacement for Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. And lo and behold, Judge Neil Gorsuch was confirmed on April 20th, 2017. In my opinion, this confirmation was one of the biggest successes of not only the Trump Administration, but to the Republican Party as a whole.

One of Trump’s promises that stands out most to me is his promise to cancel all federal funding to “sanctuary cities.” My college hometown of Lansing declared “sanctuary city” status and Lansing City Mayor Bernero said he feels no remorse towards declaring sanctuary city status on Lansing, as he believes that Trump’s initiative to cancel federal funding is bunk. And here we are weeks later, and Bernero was right, Lansing is still getting funding. This is clearly an initiative of Trump’s that is failing.

Finally, one of the most integral promises Trump made was to begin removing more than two million illegal immigrants from the country. Although the country is not at the standards that Trump wants it to be at, I believe that Trump has made an impact and started work on fixing problems that could arise in the future with illegal immigration.

At the end of the day, Trump’s first 100-days have been a rollercoaster. Appeasing his supporters has been easy, however, appeasing the opposition has been nearly impossible. There’s a split within this country with regards to our current president. We will see after the next 100 days how President Trump is doing.


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