Trump’s Tax Returns: Does it Matter?

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On April 15th, there was a  “Tax March”, which called on President Donald Trump to release his tax returns. I think it would be valuable to evaluate the forces behind this movement and it’s goal. Donald Trump, while campaigning, promised numerous times that he would release his tax returns. It is standard procedure for candidates to do this, but why?

People want to see President Trump’s tax returns to examine potential dealings with Russia, and to determine whether he did, in fact, pay taxes. We know from Rachel Maddow’s “journalism” on the topic that Trump paid a fairly high rate of taxes in 2005. Trump promised he would release them when he was not under audit- why that stipulation was pertinent is unclear, but what the tax marchers hope to reveal is even less clear. Due to the relatively little specification required on returns, it is not likely we would find much. So why do they want them?

My analysis leads to the conclusion that this is another Hail Mary from the left to find just about anything they can to disrupt the President. They think they can get far left Senators such as Maxine Waters to support an impeachment effort if they find one problem, and they may be right. Waters has repeatedly suggested her support to impeach the President.


The Tax March is indicative of an overall trend from the Democratic party that shows why they lost. Donald Trump won, Republicans won a majority in the Senate and increased a majority in the House. The left saw this and, like a petulant child, starting pointing the finger. It was because of Russia, sexism, racism, xenophobia, transphobia, homophobia, an electoral counting scandal, or whatever else they thought could explain it because they can’t face the harsh reality: their ideas lost with the American people. A new poll shows that the Democratic party is quite unpopular among Americans- 67% saying they are “out of touch” with them. They are losing because their policies fail, and insulting the opposition doesn’t make you popular. The child who calls names because they lost the game is an annoying brat, and so are the Democrats. To the Democratic leaders: stop calling for tax returns, start doing what you were elected to do. The future of the Democratic party is even more bleak if you continue this identity politics, sore-loser game.

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