Turning Point USA has opened up a chapter at California State University, Sacremento.  Sac State is obviously a more liberal college campus, being in California.  The founding of a Turning Point USA chapter has stirred up controversy on campus, because of its liberal leaning.

“We are just trying to promote free speech, free markets and limited government,” said Kyle Gerard, vice president of Public Relations for the Sac State Turning Point chapter. Gerard added that the group isn’t looking to influence or persuade others on social issues.

“We don’t promote social issues, such as gay marriage and abortion, or talk about them as an organization and we don’t endorse or affiliate with candidates or campaigns,” he said.

Some students on campus said they are not happy with Turning Point’s appearance at Sac State. LGBT Caucus Director of the College Democrats of America, Travis Legault, complained that Turning Point USA does, “nakedly partisan work and it’s despicable that they are still technically a 501(C)(3) organization.”

When asked if Turning Point USA was a hate group, Legault said, “As a white cis male, I don’t think it’s up to me to determine if they’re a hate group, but they’re an Astroturf organization.”

The TPUSA chapter at Sac State was founded by current president Megan Masten, Gerard said. The club holds meetings every other Tuesday.

“I saw a sign on campus that said ‘I love America’ and thought that it was daring for someone to admit that at Sacramento State,” Masten said. “Many students and faculty hate America and we know that we are very fortunate to live in this great country. We table almost every day on campus and we have gone to leadership trainings as a team.”

No matter what leftist students believe, this TPUSA chapter will continue promote our 3 ideals: America is the greatest country ever; the Constitution is the greatest political document ever written; Capitalism is the most ethical and effective economic system to ever exist.


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