Turning Point USA’s Director of High School engagement, Kyle Kashuv, a Parkland shooting survivor and Second Amendment rights activist, spoke at an NRA gathering on Friday, April 27.  Kashuv is a conservative high school student who, after surviving a shooting in his high school, began to speak out in favor of the Second Amendment.

After the shooting, while most of his classmates were hunted down by leftists organizations and used as a symbol for anti-gun marches and walk-outs, Kashuv went to Washington to make real reforms.

Because of these actions, Kashuv has earned a reputation as a gun rights warrior, so it was no surprise that he was invited to speak at the NRA event on Friday.

Kyle Kashuv is uniquely qualified to talk about modern Second Amendment issues, as he almost became another statistic to be used against Second Amendment rights.  His perspective is soaked in first-hand experience, and as such, understands that while the presence of a gun in the wrong hands can be deadly, the absence of one can be just as bad, if not worse.

“Gun control is not only ineffective, it’s entirely dangerous,” said Kashuv.

“Why is it that every time there’s a shooting by some crazy gunman do we turn and disarm law-abiding citizens?” Kashuv asked. “Gun control only disarms law abiding citizens. Gun control never disarms criminals.”

“Why is it that after every single school shooting we seek to raise the age [to buy guns] from 18 to 21?” asked Kashuv.

“Why are we making it so that a single mother, who’s 20 with two kids, shouldn’t be able to defend her children,” he added.

“All we want is to go home and be able to defend our families. That’s all we want.”

Watch the full event:

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