Turning Point USA has announced a speaker list for their 2019 Young Women’s Leadership Summit.  A total of 17 speakers are confirmed as of April 2019.

The speaker list as of April 2019 include:

Charlie Kirk – Co-Founder, and CEO of Turning Point USA

Allie Stuckey – “The Conservative Millennial,” and Chairwoman of YWLS

Judge Jeanine Pirro – Television host, author, former judge

Lisa Boothe –  Journalist, Fox News contributor

Sara Carter – Journalist, Fox News contributor

Kimberly Guilfoyle – Television personality, former prosecutor

Ambassador Nikki Haley – US ambassador to UN 2017 – 2018, former congresswoman

Kyle Kashuv – Parkland shooting survivor, 2nd Amendment Activist

Dr. Gina Loudon – Author, media personality

Benny Johnson – Political columnist, chief creative officer for TPUSA

Kayleigh McEnany – writer, National Press Secretary for Trump 2020 campaign

Candace Owens – BLEXIT leader, director of communications for TPUSA

Anna Paulina – Immigration reform activist, director of Latino engagement for TPUSA

Charlotte Pence – Writer, daughter of Vice President Mike Pence

Dana Loesch – NRA spokesperson, radio host

Brandon Tatum – Director of Urban engagement for TPUSA

Kat Timpf – Television personality, television host

To register for YWLS 2019, click here.

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