Uber driver saves young girl from child sex trafficking

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One Uber driver in California saved a young girl from child sex trafficking. Keith Avila picked a 16 year old girl and two women in his Uber, driving them to a Holiday Inn hotel. During the ride the women were openly talking about their child sex trafficking trade and pimping out the young girl. After dropping the three off at the hotel, Avila immediately called the police.

“Police arrived fast. They don’t play. They do not play. Not when you’re doing child sex trafficking,” Avila said


Avila said that it was obvious what was going to happen when they got to the hotel.

During the ride the women told the young girl, “‘You’re gonna hug them, you’re gonna pat them down, make sure they don’t have no weapons. You ask him, “Do you have any weapons?” And then ask for the donations. Say “Do you have my donation?” Get the donation first. And then before you go in and do anything, get the donation first.'”

When the police arrived to the hotel, they arrested the two women for charges regarding pimping and pandering. Thankfully the call to the police stopped the crime from happening and saved the young girl. Avila said it was clear that she was just a child, her face was innocent and insecure.

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Originally posted on Fox News

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