Turning Point USA’s Campus Clash tour has Charlie Kirk, the founder of TPUSA, and Candace Owens, its communications director, traveling across America with special guests to speak to college students at different college campuses.

University of Connecticut is hosting Campus Clash on Tuesday, April 9th at 8:30 EST. This will be the latest college that Kirk and Owens bring the tour to. Other campuses that hosted ‘Campus Clash’ were: University of Louisiana, Utah Valley University, and Mississippi State University.

Leading up to Campus Clash at the University of Connecticut, student-run and outside organizations at UConn have planned events to speak out against them.

Protestors have decided to show up to voice their dissent with Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens’s views.

11 groups co-signed the event, including:

  • UConn Muslim Students Association
  • UConn Students for Justice in Palestine
  • UConn Bangladeshi Student Association
  • UConn Revolution Against Rape
  • Queer Asians and Allies
  • UConn Black Environmentalists for Social Justice
  • GEU-UAW UConn Graduate Employee Union
  • UConn Young Democratic Socialists
  • UConn Youth for Socialist Action
  • UConn Stamford Young Democratic Socialists
  • UConn Campus Antifascist Network

Another group that intends to protest is ‘Protest Hate at UConn-Storrs.’ The group is led by the Connecticut branch of the labor organization “Industrial Workers of the World,” a non-UConn affiliated group.

Aaron Stephens, an “Industrial Workers of the World” member and admin of the Connecticut branch Facebook page, said, “It is clear to [Industrial Workers of the World] that the political project known as [Turning Point USA] is an attempt to carve-out a far-right political space to justify and rally support for the xenophobic policies of the current United States government and its programs of intensified ethnic cleansing of the last two years.”

Stephens also said the members of “Industrial Workers” are opposed to Campus Clash because they believe Turning Point’s views are too similar to ‘Identity Evropa,’ an alt-right group associated with the 2017 Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville.

‘Identity Evropa’ members have openly pushed for what they described as the “Nazification of America.” This stands in stark contrast to Turning Point USA’s goals and ideals.

Turning Point USA’s three major ideals are free speech, free markets, and the Second Amendment.

What’s more, a professor at UConn has been encouraging her students to reserve seats at the Campus Clash event and then not show up. This is meant to impede other students who wish to attend.

In addition, the professor makes it difficult for people who disagree with Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens to voice their opinions and have a healthy dialogue with the two speakers.

The professor, Martha Cutter, has also been encouraging students to go to the counter protests organized by the other groups.

Professor Martha Cutter also added that she would probably attend the event, “not to yell” at Owens, but to “be hostile,” according to Breitbart News.


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