UNC-Charlotte To Host First Ever “Sex Week”

UNC-Charlotte To Host First Ever “Sex Week”

The University of North Carolina-Charlotte has teamed up with outside organizations to host “Sex Week” in February.

This is the first time UNCC has hosted such a series of events, an Sex Week is scheduled to run from February 18th-23rd. The week is being sponsored by many university departments, such as the Title IX office, the Multicultural Resource Center, and the Student Government Association. Several outside organizations are also sponsors, including Planned Parenthood.


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A website for the event describes it as a week to “encourage an environment in which students feel comfortable asking questions and talking about sex.” Topics listed include “sexual health and education, gender, LGBT issues, sexual assault, and domestic violence.”


Sex Week is ready to begin announcing our final schedule of events! First, we are excited to announce Cookies and…

Posted by Sex Week UNC Charlotte on Thursday, January 11, 2018


Events that will take place include “Cookies and Condoms,” “F*ck Like Your Life Depends On It,” “Talk Dirty To Me: A Student Conversation About Sex,” and “Come As You Are: A Discussion Of Slut Shaming.”


A Student’s Thoughts


This slate of events has some components that are necessary, and some that are ridiculous. Some of them make sense; for example, the Title IX office will be having a panel on topics such as stalking, relationship violence, bystander intervention, and consent. These are all important things that are not discussed like they should be.

Another good event is a presentation titled “Safe Alliance and Sexual Assault.” Presenters from the local organization Safe Alliance will talk through the topics of domestic and sexual assault. They will also provide local resources and give information about their own organization to those looking for it.


Posted by Sex Week UNC Charlotte on Wednesday, November 8, 2017


While these two events, along with a couple of others, are wise and necessary, the rest are a bit ridiculous. Guess what? You can have a conversation about the health benefits of sex WITHOUT titling it “F*ck Like Your Life Depends On It.”

UNCC, by hosting such a week, is going along with the current cultural trend that tries to take ANY sort of thinking, discernment, and process of consequences from the decision to engage in sexual behavior. Yes, if you are going to be sexually active, it is important to understand safe sex and different factors that go along with it. However, Sex Week is not as emphatic on the educational as it is the sensational and pushing an agenda.


What’s the Media Saying?


Campus Reform seems to be one of the few media outlets covering this event. In their piece, they discuss the various events that will be taking place throughout the week, highlighting “F*ck Like Your Life Depends On It,” “Friendly Peer Training & Queer Q&A,” and “Black Women and Sexuality in Literature.”

“The program also includes several ‘intersectional’ identity-based events,” writes Campus Reform, touching on the events designed to help college students walk away supporting and understanding queer students.


Is there an event that will be taking place that stood out to you? Would you attend Sex Week if you attended UNCC? Let us know in the comments!


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