University Grants $5000 to Promote “Social Justice Concepts”

University Grants $5000 to Promote “Social Justice Concepts”

The University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point offers $5000 to student organizations who “seek to increase the involvement of UW Stevens Point students in service and social justice issues.”

The grants are made possible thanks to a campus vending contract with Canteen, Inc. Each year, the company “generously” provides up to $5000 to the student organizations that bring new social justice concepts to UW Stevens Point.

Inspiration Grants Stevens Point
Inspiration Grants on UW Stevens Point’s website

The grants have yet to be given to any conservative organizations on campus, despite groups such as Turning Point USA bringing new concepts of free markets and limited government to the campus.

Turning Point USA’s chapter leader Emily had the following to say regarding the grants,

“I am disappointed that the university doesn’t acknowledge the conservative students on campus who remain in the minority. They claim to want diversity and to be welcome to all, yet they do not support conservative voices. So just because a student lead organization declares they are social justice group, they would be able to apply for even more money.

The website says that applicants are able to apply each month, and it doesn’t say just how many of these $5000 grants it can give out.

Requests for comments from the school and Canteen were not received in time for publication.