While tabling at CU Denver, members of Turning Point USA were recently confronted by a leftist student who claimed to be a communist.

As Breitbart reports, “the student then repeatedly accused the conservatives of being ‘fascists,’ adding that they will one day be ‘put in re-education camps.’  The person confronting the TPUSA activists is supposedly a political science major at the university.

Evan Underwood, the Metropolitan State University of Denver TPUSA chapter Vice President, recorded the challenger:

Breitbart noted the highlights:

“Say f*** you to fascism,” the student can be heard saying in the video.

“I’m not a fascist,” responded Underwood.

“It’s real easy to walk away like that, man, and not have anything intelligent to say,” said another student, as the leftist turned to walk away.

“You guys are young fascists, I don’t need to have anything intelligent to say to fascists,” retorted the student, who then told the TPUSA members that he knows what fascism is because he is “a political science major.”

“I’m a communist,” said the student, in response to the TPUSA members’ inquiry, “That’s right, I am a communist.”

“I’m a communist because that is the future. So, sorry, Charlie,” continued the student, referring to TPUSA’s founder and executive director, Charlie Kirk.

“I’m a communist, and we are here to destroy capitalism,” added the student.

Before walking away, the self-proclaimed communist student informed the TPUSA members that he is not in favor of killing those who he considers fascists, but instead, would rather have them placed in “re-education camps.”

“We’re going to put you in re-education camps,” stated the political science major.

After the incident, Underwood spoke to Breitbart News stating, “No, communism will not win.” He has faith in the organization, elucidating that TPUSA has been extremely successful with minority and youth outreach.

These cases are becoming more prevalent on college grounds.  This confrontation occurred the day after Hayden Williams was assaulted on the UC Berkeley campus.


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