Editorial: Why is this fair for one but not the other?

Editorial: Why is this fair for one but not the other?

There has been a lot of controversy at the University of Connecticut in regards to the university hosting an event with Sharia law advocate Linda Sarsour which also connects to Ben Shapiro’s speech in January of 2018. Along with that, the university wrote a statement about public speaking on campus that is completely contradictory to what they allow on campus.


As shown on FOX Business’ Liz MacDonald, UConn released a statement saying:


“We believe public universities should be places where differing views can be expressed respectfully and where our students and other guests can consider and challenge a variety of opinions.”


How interesting that UConn would release that after they let Linda Sasour, co-organizer for the 2017 Women’s March, supporter for anti-Israel and also a Muslim-American activist that advocates Sharia law, speak out with no limitations. And yet, Ben Shapiro’s speech was censored. Also, an interesting combination that Linda would identify as a feminist but also speak out about Sharia law, which allows women to be beaten and married off at young ages.


Conservative students had limited access to Ben Shapiro’s speech in January, but there were no restrictions on Sarsour’s. Not to mention that the university offered counseling for students that were actually offended by Shapiro’s speech. The reason this is such a big deal is because Ben Shapiro is the first conservative speaker to be heard on campus, and the fact that it was being censored is outrageous.


UConn student and Campus Reform writer, Marlena Haddad, spoke on FOX Business’ Liz MacDonald show bringing awareness to this concern.


[Video Credit to FOX Business Network]


Haddad stated on FOX Business, ” When Ben Shapiro came to speak. we had to go through about basically three different levels of speakers and Ben Shapiro didn’t even say anything offensive.”


Linda asked Marlena if other conservative students and parents were going to make the university aware of Linda’s extremist views and Marlena’s response was,


” Definitely. If we were to look at the College Republicans we’ve all been looking at this event and we’re definitely going to try and hold the university accountable because the Chief Diversity officer, first of all I didn’t even know we had a diversity officer, sent out an email to students giving a heads up that Ben Shapiro was going to be there. He has a lot of views that are harmful and that mental health services will be readily available, but we aren’t seeing any of that for Linda’s event.”


As should Marlena and fellow conservative students stand up to the university and express their feelings towards the events.


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