The administration of the University of Illinois has implemented a “speech police,” and is now facing a lawsuit for violation of the First Amendment.

The university defended the “speech police” as being viable through the university’s bias incident report system.

This university aside, bias reports are prominent across college campuses in America today.

Tom Ciccotta from Breitbart News writes, “However, these systems have been abused by students since their implementation as a means to report their peers for mundane speech.”

In one case, the University of Illinois received a complaint that a lecturer had made pro-America comments during their speech that were uncalled for.

The student who filed the complaint claimed that the statement “America is the greatest country in the world!” is un-inclusive to students who are not from the United States.

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Despite these overdrawn disinclusion accusations, we see students and university guests becoming desensitized to their guaranteed First Amendment rights.

Countless universities have implemented legislation upholding the First Amendment as a counter attack on the rights being stripped from students who use their voice.

Student organizations who frequently use sayings like “America is the greatest country in the world,” such as Turning Point USA, have faced comically similar circumstances on various universities across the United States.

University of Illinois’s Turning Point USA chapter continues to fight against the censorship of the administration that tries so hard to silence pro-American ideology and right-winged opinions.

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