University of Nevada-Reno lambasts Trump in email to student body

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University of Nevada-Reno recently sent an email to the student body criticizing President-elect Trump’s strong rhetoric against illegal immigration.

“Our President-Elect has used very derogatory and divisive terms related to people of diverse religions, races, national origins, disabilities and genders. It is our sincere hope that these comments from leadership are not taken as license for others to denigrate anyone.”

Additionally, the University plans to host “Diversity Dialogues” in an effort to keep the campus culture “safe and inclusive”.

The University attributes the deep divide our nation is facing to the past political season — specifically Donald Trump’s campaign.

“In closing, we sincerely hope that our campus, our community, our state, and our nation will use this moment in our history as a reminder that America is at its strongest when we foster a spirit of respect and compassion. We can do this by making every effort in the weeks and months to come to rise above the divisiveness of the past political campaign, and to come to a better understanding of our differences through respectful dialogue and the common ground of empathy and understanding. Talk often and share experiences. Listen carefully and when appropriate, provide support and guidance.”

University administrations all across the country have chosen to blame candidates such as Donald Trump for the deep divide America faces rather than accept that liberal policy is truly to blame.

Do you think that universities should comment on the nature of political events? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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