University of Texas Grad Student Arrested for Assaulting Reporter During Protest

University of Texas Grad Student Arrested for Assaulting Reporter During Protest

A University of Texas graduate student has been charged with assault and bodily injury after he had attacked a reporter from the student newspaper, The Daily Texan.

The arrest was captured in a photo released on social media

The student in question, Eric Nava-Perez, a Latin American studies graduate student, had been marching in a protest against the State Senate Bill 4, which requires cities to obey federal immigration laws and permit law enforcement to question people over their immigration status during “routine” stops. Before reaching their final destination, he had hit a reporter, drawing blood, and causing an injury that will reportedly require stitches. He was arrested fifteen minutes later over the incident. As seen above, a photo of Nave-Perez being taken into police custody was taken at the time and released onto social media.

Nava-Perez had been with around 25 other student protesters at the time of his arrest. Many of the students who were with Nava-Perez did not realize he was being arrested for the violent attack, and could be heard shouting at police, “Who do you protect? Who do you serve?” and “No justice, no peace, no racist police.” Around 20 protesters later appeared at the Travis County Jail, where Nava-Perez was being held, to call for his release. Many of the protesters were connected to the groups, Sanctuary UT and Solidarity 6.04, although some among them were said to be unaffiliated, and were at the protest for personal reasons.

Students did not appear to be aware of the reason Nava-Perez was taken into custody

“I feel really upset about Eric’s arrest,” said Ashley Theissen, who serves as the events organizer for the College of Natural Sciences. She later added, “We were not being disruptive at all, it seemed wrong.”

“I just felt like it’s not safe for students out on campus if we don’t show that that kind of law isn’t welcome.”

“As a staff member I feel like it’s my responsibility.”

The identity of the reporter who had been attacked and Nava-Perez’s reasons for the attack have not been released to the public.

(H/T: The Daily Texan Online)

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