UPenn President’s InDACAtrination

UPenn President’s InDACAtrination

The Ivy League colleges in the United States are generally regarded as some of the country’s best institutions of higher learning. They are often regarded as some of the best schools in the world, let alone the United States. Regularly, graduates of these schools go on to highly successful careers and become the future leaders and “movers and shakers” in the country. The University of Pennsylvania, founded by Benjamin Franklin, is one of the Ivy League schools. It is located in Philadelphia – the birthplace of our nation. Amy Gutmann is the President of the University of Pennsylvania.

Last week President Trump announced he will put into effect plans to phase out the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). The Trump administration put the future of DACA into the hands of Congress, granting a six-month timeframe to make a final decision on its fate. As this plan by the Trump administration became public knowledge, public outrage ensued. Amy Gutmann joined in on the fray by sending out a college wide email regarding the Trump administration’s decision of DACA.

In her email to the school, President Gutmann said:

As you know, the Trump Administration announced that it will begin to phase out the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status granted to an estimated 800,000 young people across our nation, pending further action by Congress.

This shortsighted decision violates our core principles as a University community – indeed, as a nation. This country was founded by immigrants and exiles. We have all, generation after generation, fought and strived to achieve our dreams in the United States.

Let’s stop with such leftist nonsensical, revisionist history such as “This country was founded by immigrants and exiles.” It wasn’t. It was founded by colonists who were legal citizens of the United Kingdom (or the children of said people who grew up in the colonies). The early colonists were people who came to the “New World” from European countries in an organized and legalized manner. Yes, it is true, there were Native Americans living on the continent at the time and it can be argued that the European settlers took their land. This is often the parallel leftists try to use to justify illegal immigration. It is a weak and logically flawed argument.

First, it is a logical fallacy to compare 17th and 18th century societies with 21st century United States of America. Second, what resulted in the Native Americans driven from their land is no different than the history of any civilization or society of the world. Furthermore, it is no different than the history of Native Americans themselves who frequently conquered and enslaved other tribes themselves for their own benefit. This is a point that is frequently omitted and ignored altogether in the “taking lands from Native Americans” myth. Feel free to make the argument that perhaps we should have been better people if you’d like, however, that does not change the facts of what occurred. So there is no logical defense between early colonists and illegal immigration today. Anyone making those arguments are using all lies and deflection.

Second, while the United States did have a huge immigration wave in the latter half of the 19th century and throughout the 20th century, this was done legally. This is another thing often ignored by people like Amy Gutmann. No one is against legal immigration, they are against ILLEGAL immigration. People on the left, like Amy Gutmann, resort to ignoring these pesky facts though to make their point.

Gutmann continues in her letter:

We will continue to voice our concern for, and our support of, the Dreamers and urge Congress to act to rectify the Administration’s decision in the months ahead. More important, we will do everything in our power to protect and defend our amazing Penn students. We vigorously reaffirm the commitments that we first made in November:


  • The University of Pennsylvania will ensure that current undocumented and DACA recipients continue to receive financial aid, fellowship stipends, and any related support that is currently being provided or that will be needed for them to complete their studies at Penn.


  • The University of Pennsylvania will protect the privacy of its students. While we will comply with all proper legal requests, we will not release information about any student to Immigration and Customs Enforcement or any other law enforcement agency without proper legal authority.

This is the most troubling part of Gutmann’s email. The president of a university should not be sending out emails voicing her displeasure with policies from the Trump administration. Also, it seems logical to say the president of a university should not be validating criminal activity such as “University of Pennsylvania will ensure that current undocumented and DACA recipients continue to receive financial aid, fellowship stipends and any related support that is being currently provided…” Gutmann is defying law and allocating resources to those here illegally under the guise of imposed morality and altruism.

(Also, of note, if you are keeping score at home, to those who say illegal immigrants do not get resources from the government, Gutmann’s email disproves that assertion).

This trend is deeply troubling. Emails like Gutmann show exactly why President Trump won the election and furthermore why President Trump is needed. The resources allocated for financial aid to those who are here illegally could be dispersed to American citizens – those that live here legally, pay taxes, etc. Furthermore, if the message here is “you can break the law as long as you are trying to better your future and strive for a better life” where are the limitations drawn?

Are students allowed to steal textbooks without paying as long as it is in the name of “bettering our future”? Are students allowed to steal food as long as it is in the name of needing nourishment to do well in school to strive for a better future? And who makes the decisions between what is just and unjust? How do they arrive at these decisions?

Rhetoric like Gutmann’s is dangerous indoctrination to a susceptible student body population. It is enabling an entitlement mentality on the basis of instant gratificationwith certain limitation, and ironically, limitations based on race. Allocating resources to illegal citizens takes away necessary resources from Americans who are just looking to better their future.

And, after all, these legal citizens are merely striving to “achieve their dreams in the United States.”

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