UW Madison Trying To Block Public From Katie Pavlich’s Appearance

UW Madison Trying To Block Public From Katie Pavlich’s Appearance

Just like UC Berkeley, it is fair to question whether or not free speech exists at UW Madison. The university is trying to block people who do not go to the university from attending Katie Pavlich’s speech on Tuesday. The university told the YAF chapter that this will be the case unless they can find a co-sponsor by Tuesday. A protest against Pavlich called cocks not glocks will be taking place, starting an hour before the speech. The protesters will give out free sex toys to anyone who is against Pavlich speaking. This is the first time that UW Madison has put in a policy like this. Speakers like Ben Shapiro and Steve Forbes spoke on campus without a co-sponsor.

Katie Pavlich
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YAF At UW Madison’s Statement

“UW Madison YAF remains committed to bringing conservative ideas to the UW community and we’re unwavering in our dedication to free speech for all students, not just those possessing favored view points,” stated Abby Streu of UW-Madison YAF. “Our freedom is not subject to the whims of ivory tower-dwelling academic elitists.”

Pavlich Reacts On Twitter

Katie Pavlich
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Pavlich took to twitter and slammed the university for their new policy. She went after UW Madison for allowing the protests taking place against her to happen and hiding that from the public. Pavlich also said that UW Madison would allow her to speak without issue if she was a liberal. This situation has left people wanting to go to the event unsure of what to do, but the YAF chapter has said that people should show up as planned. UW Madison replied to a YAF tweet by saying speakers must have a department sponsor. Pavlich called the policy bogus and pointed out that it was being enforced five days before the event and right before the weekend.

Advice For People Going To The Event

At this point if you are planning on going to hear Pavlich you should keep those plans. ANTIFA has not released a statement saying they will show up. However, the International Socialist Organization protested Charlie Kirk at the University of Illinois. Unless there is a credible threat people should feel safe going to the event.

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